Pet Odor Removal with Carpet Cleaning

SaniCare’s carpet cleaning services also include pet odor treatment and removal

SaniCare Carpet Cleaning understands that your family’s lovable pet can be your carpet’s worst enemy. When your pet leaves their mark on your carpet or upholstery, call SaniCare Cleaning.  SaniCare has a pet odor treatment that we guarantee with the appropriate method for your circumstance.

“What’s that smell?” SaniCare understands that your family’s lovable pet can be your carpet’s worst enemy. Pet odor is a problem we can solve.

With light odor problems, a topical treatment with enzymes left on the odorous areas for approximately 30 minutes followed by our professional truck-mount cleaning may rid your carpet and/or upholstery of unwanted odor.

carpet pet odor

In severe cases, it may be necessary for the enzymes to set and remain wet for 24 hours.  A cleaning will be scheduled at least 48 hours later, to be certain the enzymes have completely dried.  (Note: SaniCare allows our customers the opportunity to stop by our location at 6115 Menaul Blvd. NE to pick up the equipment necessary along with the enzymes for do-it-yourself application, if desired.)

In more severe cases, the urine sometimes soaks through the carpet backing into the padding and floor beneath. In this case, the problem has become “multi-layered” and effective remediation must address each layer of the problem. SaniCare has developed a specialized method of removing these difficult pet odors by ‘flooding’ the affected area with enzymes, immediate extraction followed by our professional truck-mount carpet cleaning.

With advanced odor problems, SaniCare can remove/replace the carpet pad, disinfect/deodorize subfloor, deodorize/flood-clean the affected carpeting and reinstall carpet.

When mistakes happen, call SaniCare. We can neutralize the damage that will occur if left untreated.


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