Spot Cleaning – Carpet Cleaning

Spot cleaning is one step of our eleven step carpet cleaning services. Don’t settle for the cheap, quick carpet services.

spot cleaning

Spot and spill removal removal is an important step in the carpet cleaning process. Spots and spills allow for a build up of soil particles and oily materials that cling to the rug and carpet fibers, and dull their beauty. In time, foot traffic drives the soil particles, deep into the carpet. When this condition cannot be corrected with vacuuming, it’s time to have your carpet cleaned by a professional.

Our carpet cleaning begins with dry soil removal (vacuuming) and pre-conditioning (detergent application to heavily soiled areas with agitation for even distribution, and dwell time.) Hot water, heated on demand from a powerful truck-mounted system, is injected under pressure. Suspended soil is removed from carpet or fabrics through the flushing action of injected solutions, coupled with wet-vacuuming. The cleaning solution and suspended soil is immediately extracted and collected into a recovery tank. SaniCare uses the hot water extraction method and only the highest quality of products, carpet cleaning agents, and state-of-the-art equipment to deliver carpets that not only look clean, but are clean. 

This is done from our truck-mounted unit outside the home, with only the hose and floor tool brought inside, or by a portable system brought into the home or office. From a health standpoint, the truck-mounted system is preferred because the dirty air and humidity are exhausted outside, rather than inside the home.

SaniCare’s hot water extraction process is the recommended carpet cleaning method rated number one by all major carpet manufacturers. It is safe and consistently delivers lasting results. It leaves your carpet refreshed and revitalized-without residue. Drying time is minimal and indoor air quality is greatly improved.

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