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You only have one chance to make a first impression

No matter what business you’re in, the appearance of your facility and furnishings is one of those intangibles.  As a consumer, how often have you noticed unsightly and unhealthy soiling on carpets, furniture, and other surfaces of businesses you go to?

This results in negative first impressions with questions to run through your mind influencing your buying decisions!  SaniCare can help prevent this from happening to you when your customers, suppliers, and employees enter into your building!

Why Trust SaniCare?

We supervise your building.

Selecting SaniCare assures that SaniCare will supervise the janitorial services required. We know you are extremely busy operating your business and don’t have the time to manage a service that you are already paying for.

We have supervisors that visit your facility as often as needed to insure that quality work is being performed. These supervisors will also meet with you periodically to address any questions or concerns you may have.

commercial floor cleaning

One company – Any Service

SaniCare has trained employees for all aspects of commercial cleaning services. We are able to offer any cleaning service you need for your convenience. We have experts in such areas as flooring and carpet cleaning that we will assign to your location if needed. We know you need fully trained individuals to perform any additional tasks outside of the normal janitorial service and are proud to have them on our staff.

Security and Accountability

SaniCare knows how important the security of your location is. We have several tools within our company that are used to assure the highest level of security. For example, SaniCare
uses a computer/telephone timekeeping system for the employees to use when arriving at and leaving your location. They must call in to this server from a designated phone at your location. We are then able to identify the number from which the call was made. This allows us to have instant knowledge of the exact time our people are in your building. We can share this information with you if needed. You will always be able to know when outside employees are at your location.

This system also enables our supervisors to know if an employee did not show. The system will automatically page our supervisor so that you never go without your scheduled services.

The SaniCare Guarantee 

We at SaniCare Janitorial Services offer the best guarantee in the business: If at any time, you feel that we are not performing to your expectations, we will refund the profit portion of your monthly fee for the month you were not satisfied. We know you will be extremely pleased with us and we look forward to a long lasting relationship!

SaniCare Satisfaction System

All work is 100% guaranteed. We’ve been in the business since 1984 – over 30 years.

  1. Bonded and insured employees
  2. 24 hour communication
  3. Systemic approach to total premises cleaning
  4. Real inspections
  5. Employee incentive programs
  6. Planned maintenance programs
  7. Reasonable and competitive rates
  8. Full spectrum of building service

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