Air Duct Cleaning – Commercial and Residential

Every time you turn your heating or cooling system on, you are breathing in whatever may be in your air ducts, including dust, animal dander, and even bacteria. Wouldn’t you like to have some peace of mind knowing that what you’re breathing is clean air?

Poor indoor air quality can adversely affect the quality of your indoor environment, and any indoor pathogens can lead to health problems. Statistics have shown that 1 in every 5 Americans suffers from allergies caused by substances in their home and by the air they breathe.

air duct cleaning

Clean air ducts and HVAC systems promote a healthier environment. Many people comment that after we clean their air ducts they don’t have to dust for a while.

SaniCare’s air duct cleaning system delivers the most powerful and effective method possible to remove all of that dust and debris from your air ducts.

By using a powerful truck mount system, we safely remove the dirt and debris in your duct work directly into the truck mount. This means that there is no dust or debris left in your home or office, and, more importantly, there is no work for you to take care of once we’re done.

Not only does SaniCare clean the air ducts, we also clean the HVAC intake, squirrel cage, and blowers. This ensures that everything is clean — not just the vents.

Cleaning your air ducts helps remove dust, dust mites, dead skin scales, insects, animal dander, dirt, bacteria and so much more from your home, office, or any other space you spend significant time in.

You deserve to breathe clean, fresh air.

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