SaniCare’s Rug Cleaning and Care Service

There are several rug cleaning and care services we provide that you should be aware of. Please view out additional Rug Cleaning and Care services below.

Rug Inspection

It’s very important to inspect your rugs before we start the washing process. Each rug is treated according to its’ unique characteristics.

  • We analyze the knot structure, dyes, condition, age, and any prior damage/wear and tear.
  • Inspect for any pre-existing conditions or problems.
  • Test for colorfastness.

Rug Dusting

Visible and invisible dry soil in your rug causes rapid rug wear. SaniCare uses several methods to remove dry soil depending on its construction and durability.

Rug Color Stability

Dye colors in rugs are tested to assure that color bleeding will not occur. If colors fail the dye stability test, the rug is treated with a dye lock to assure that bleeding does not occur.

Rug Washing

SaniCare uses several methods to wash rugs, each depending on construction, type and amount of soil, fiber type, dye stability and general condition of each rug. From complete emersion washing to a gentle surface cleaning, each rug is cared for individually with the resolve to remove the maximum amount of soil without compromising the integrity of the rug.

Spot, Stain and Odor Removal

Some spots and stains are not removable with regular rug washing. They must be treated separately. Often times the knowledge of what can and cannot be removed, or special skills and equipment used is what sets the professional apart from the novice cleaners. SaniCare has been in business since 1984 and we have cleaned thousands of rugs each with its unique set of characteristics and challenges. I like to say if it’s going to come out we can get it out.

Rug Rinsing and Water Removal

Rug rinsing and water removal are often the same process with many rug cleaners using vacuums to remove surface moisture from rugs, this may be good for appearances, however a lot of the soil stays trapped in the rug. At SaniCare we remove a large amount of soil by extracting water at the same time flushing the rug with large amounts of clean water from the reverse side. This procedure alone leaves your rugs softer, lighter and cleaner. This process can be used on most woven rugs.

Rug Hanging and Drying

Hot, dry air directed with air movement is what dries anything out. SaniCare has a heated, humidity controlled dry room to expedite the drying process. With our unique extraction process and controlled dry room, we can dry rugs within a few hours — what use to take days.

Rug Inspection and Detailing

Each rug receives a final inspection of its fringes, softness, odor if we are treating for odor and overall appearance. If at this point standards are not met we start over again.

Optional Services

  • Rug repairs—side cords, fringes, hole and tear repair
  • Fabric protector
  • Protection from moths
  • Custom cut rug pad
  • Odor removal

Rug Finishing

Rugs are vacuumed, groomed and wrapped for delivery or pick-up.

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