SaniCare’s Rug Cleaning Process

Step 1:  Pre-inspection

This step identifies fabric make-up, construction, dyes, special concerns, and considerations.  At this time we make suggestions or qualify the outcome of the cleaning as well as determine which cleaning method is the most suitable for each individual rug.

Step 2: Dry Soil Removal

We will remove as much dry soil from the rug as possible. This can vary from a heavy vacuuming to a high psi air injection into face yarns.


Step 3: Cleaning

The cleaning process (separating the soil from the rug fibers). This is accomplished by the solution that is employed to clean, how much dwell time we allow, agitation of the rug, and the temperature of the solution.

Step 4: Rinsing

Rinsing is performed by complete submersion, spray extraction or surface absorption. Submersion is the ideal method because it removes the most soil from the rug, however it is not always possible because of fabric type and construction. We inspect and, if necessary, go back to the third step.

Step 5: Extraction

Extraction is very important, the quantity and the speed of water you remove in this step will determine how much soil and odor are removed. SaniCare employs a flash extraction process. Within seconds we remove 90% of the moisture in the rug. In another 2 minutes we remove another 5%. We use this method on the majority of rugs we clean. Cleaner, softer and lighter.

Step 6: Fiber Protection

In this step we apply a fabric protector and/or moth repellent then setting the face fibers and fringes. This step is like combing your hair, it gives it a finished appearance.

Step 7: Drying

To allow your rug to dry, we hang your rug in our dry room. Basically, turning the remaining water left in the rug to vapor and completing the drying process. We inspect one  re-clean fringes or start the cleaning process all over if we are not satisfied with the results.

Step 8: Repairs

During your initial consultation we may have agreed on specific recommended rug repairs which will be completed after drying. We will also cut rug pads if you have requested them.

Final Step: Delivery

We will carefully wrap your clean, protected repaired rug in preparation to return it to you. We offer in store pick up as well as delivery.

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