Saltillo Tile Cleaning and Sealing

saltillo tile

Saltillo Tile— also known as Terra Cotta Tile or Mexican Tile. Saltillo is available in three different varieties. Traditional clay sun cured, fired clay and concrete. These floors are beautiful and have a very distinct ranch, mediterranean and southwest style.

Pros:  Saltillo unique look.  Sun-cured saltillo and concrete saltillo tile have the most authentic old world look of the three but it is also the hardest to care for. Fired Saltillo known as Super-Saltillo has the least old world look but the easiest to care for, since the surface is harder and sealing is not mandatory.

Cons:  soft, porous nature of tile makes it easy to scratch, scuff and damage. Non-fired clay saltillo and concrete saltillo have a surface color that can be damaged if not sealed and not maintained properly. Due to its thin surface color it must be maintained properly.

Periodic Maintenance:  Important to never seal these floors until they have been professionaly cleaned.  Use neutral floor cleaner to mop.  Matt and satin sheen sealers appear to last longer because minor scratches are less noticeable.

Saltillo floors, periodically must be deep cleaned and resealed.

saltillo tile

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