Carpet Cleaning Care Suggestions

One of the leading investments in your home is that top quality carpet.  Here are a few suggestions on how to take care of your carpet

Looking after it successfully will prolong its life span and looks and save you money in the long run. Here are a handful of carpet care pointers to help you always keep those carpets looking great.

1. Keep door mats at all entrances to your home. A considerable amount of the dirt which gets accumulated in your carpeting is dirt that is carried in from the outside. By putting a door mat both inside and outside each entryway to your home you can cut down on the dirt that is being tracked throughout the house and into your carpet.

2. No doubt one of the most effective carpet care suggestion is to give your carpet a solid vacuuming once a week using a high quality vacuum cleaner. Vacuuming extracts crud and dirt that has the ability to wear on your carpet threads as well as gets rid of pet hair, string, and other objects that make your carpeting appear drab.

3. Clean up wet spots and spilled liquids and foods items right away or as quickly as possible. Blot up all spills on your carpet. Never ever scrub a wet spot on your carpet as that may grind the stain and dirt deeper inside the fibers. Preferably splash with clear lukewarm water and blot with a clean white cloth. Repeat as often as required to soak loose and blot out the spot.

4. Take off your shoes. Although you may feel a little uneasy asking visitors to take off their shoes when setting foot in your home, family members should be trained to remove their footwear when entering the house thereby lowering the amount of dirt that might be carried onto the carpet.

5. Take advantage of area rugs to help protect high traffic

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